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265 Walnut Plain Road, Rochester, MA 02770-4028

The Artisan Bake Shop

How To Order Cupcakes - Cupcake Ordering Information

Raspberry Lemon Cake Push Pop

Place Order by Phone 508-763-4905 - OR - by E-mail: artisanbakeshop@gmail.com

Option 1: Our Signature Cupcakes:

PLACE ORDER by Wednesday by 2:00 pm for Friday/Saturday - OR - 5 business days for other days of the week.

To View Sizes and Pricing: Signature Cupcake Sizes & Pricing

Signature cupcakes are our most budget friendly cupcakes!

Option 2: Chef's Choice Cupcakes:


Pricing Is: +$4.20/dozen from the pricing listed for Signature Cupcakes



Please provide us with your party theme or characters that you'd like to use - (for example: My Little Pony, or Paw Patrol including Marshall, or 60th birthday party in a Kate Spade theme).

INCLUDE: Colors that you'd like to use (optional)

You have to be flexible: No sketches of exactly what the CUPCAKES will look like will be provided (ie: it will be a surprise as to EXACTLY what the cake will look like). We will create handmade, edible decor that will sit on top of the frosting in the theme of your choice. You can send artwork, but they WILL NOT look like the photos.

Option 3: Custom Cupcakes

What's A Custom Cupcake?

  • -Custom Cupcakes have fancy, edible handmade decorations on top of the frosting.
  • -Custom Cupcakes can be created from a photo that you email to us (like an invitation, or a photos of cupcakes that you've found online).
  • -Custom Cupcakes require that your artwork or photos to be emailed to us at least 3 weeks prior to your party date.
  • -Our availability may be limited on some weeks.

How Far in Advance Do I Inquire About a Custom Cupcake?

  • -Artwork (photos of the design that you have in mind) will need to be emailed to us at least 3 weeks prior to your party date.

How Does the Custom Cupcake Process Work?


  • -Email Artwork to Us: artisanbakeshop@gmail.com
  • -Up to (4) photos can be emailed to us.
  • -In the email please include:
    • -your first and last name
    • -your party date
    • -your party colors (colors that you'd like to use for the cake)
    • -any important information that we should know

What is Artwork?

  • - A photo from our Website, Facebook, or Instagram
  • - A photo of invitation/paper goods
  • - A photo of a cake that you found - (let's say you found a photo of a cake on Pinterest, using a Google search, or any search engine)
  • - Up to (4) photos can be emailed to us


  • -Within 3-4 days of emailing your photo to us: you'll receive a no-obligation quote via email
  • -This quote will include pricing for the design(s) that you had in mind, as well as other options within lots of price ranges
  • -The quote will include information on "How to Order" should you choose to
Raspberry Lemon Cake Push Pop